Saturday, 29 June 2019

Starting a Sports Blog Can Be Easy

Imagine moving from sharing your sports insights with just your inner circle to having your views read by thousands of people, even millions. And, don’t lose sight of the fact that successful sports blogs can create a revenue stream, and even a significant business, 마닐라 카지노 위치 if they attract a big enough audience.

But, how do you begin? How do you start a sports blog?

The best way to learn how to blog is to start a blog. Learn by doing.

I started Sports Feel Good Stories 9 years ago. I wish I would’ve had a guide like this then. 마닐라 카지노 호텔 Sure, they’re were times when it was frustrating trying to get the site exactly how I wanted it to be (and there still are). But, many more times than that, I’ve been amazed at what can be done with just a few keystrokes because all of the work that’s been done and shared by others. A big thank you to those folks!

From free plugins to how-to guides on blogs, the information and resources are available for most anything if you’re not afraid to research, 마닐라 카지노 후기 explore and study. The level of sharing and support gives credence to the frequent use of the “blogging community” phrase.

Here’s the Sports Feel Good Stories 7-step beginner’s guide for “How to Start a Sports Blog.” If you’re looking for info on how to start a sports website, you’ve come to the right place.

Disclaimer: For some of the partners we recommend in this guide, Sports Feel Good Stories receives an affiliate commission (something you’ll want to look into when you examine ways to monetize your site). 마닐라 하얏트 호텔 All of the products referenced are ones that we’ve used and endorse.

  1. How to start a sports website overview
  2. Overview
  3. Determine your niche.
  4. Decide on your name.
  5. Plan your first post and give thought to others.
  6. Set up your blog on a hosting service.
  7. Install WordPress and decide on theme.
  8. Complete the theme’s set-up process and add 2 plugins.
  9. Perform some basic optimization of your site.